Honestly.  It’s a headline that writes itself.  The Nationals began the season with Jayson Werth rehabbing his surgically repaired shoulder–meaning he didn’t play until April 13th.  Now two fractures in his left hand suffered May 15th in San Diego will keep the bearded one on the bench until early August.  While Werth wasn’t lighting the world on fire (.206-2HR-12RBI in 27 games translates to soft numbers for a #3 hitter), he was beginning to heat up: .264 with 2 homers and 8 runs batted in over his last 14 games.  While the Nats have been fortunate with Yunel Escobar filling in for the yet-to-return Anthony Rendon, they might not be as lucky this time.

Options moving forward:

1–Michael A. Taylor (.219, 7 runs scored, 3 HR and 13 RBI).  Pros:  he’ll bring speed as his 4 steals lead the entire team. He’s also the best defensive outfielder in the group.  Cons:  Taylor has 38 strikeouts in 96 at-bats…translating to 238 for a 600 at-bat season.  He’s also hitting .167 this month and boasts a middle initial, not unlike Roger E. Mosley (excellent as TC on Magnum PI) or Jm J Bullock (unnecessarily irritating on Too Close for Comfort).

2–Clint Robinson (.229, 6 runs, 3 RBI).  Pros: The only one in the group who’s strikeout rate is less than 20%.  As a lefthanded hitter he’d be a natural matchup more often.  Cons:  a lot of mystery to his major league abilities–his 43 games and 61 at bats are the smallest sample size of the trio.  No apparent power as of yet–4 extra base hits and no home runs in his career.

3–Tyler Moore (.208, 4 runs, 3 HR and 8 RBI). Pros: more power than the other two–and he walks as much as the other two put together.  Cons:  the last time he played more than 50 games at the major league level Moore hit .222 and struck out 58 times (as opposed to 8 walks).

Taylor gets the start Friday night in Cincinnati– as manager Matt Williams plans to rotate the three while concentrating on matchups.  Who’s ready for summer?