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Just when you thought the Skinsanity of Seasons Past was strictly a thing of the past, the Burgundy and Gold go ahead and put their fan base on panic and anxiety mode.  The team’s come-from-ahead 32-27 loss (but they covered the 10.5 point-spread) saw plenty of possibilities before getting smacked in the face with the realities of this team and franchise in 2019.  They went toe to toe with the division’s most recent Super Bowl champ, but find themselves lacking in the end.  All while stirring up a hornet’s nest of locker room ire.  Welcome back…

Running Back Roulette- after years of quarterback controversies, it’s nice to see the team diversify this fall.  Adrian Peterson (1,000+ yards last year) was inactive for a game where Derrius Guice made his regular season debut.  Even Rex Grossman was active when Robert Griffin III made his debut in 2012.  While Peterson sat quietly in sweats, the Skins ran for 28 yards on 13 carries with Guice gaining 18 on 10 tries.  In addition, Guice went to the medical tent during the game-saying that “nature was calling”. Evidently “nature calling” meant “the knee that didn’t suffer a torn ACL last year was bothering him”.  An MRI later puts a dark cloud over the position.   And we’ve only just begun…

The Case for Keenum- this year’s quarterback threw for 380 yards, the most for a Redskin in a season opener since Brad Johnson in 1999.  His ceiling appears to be higher than anything that existed for Alex Smith, and even though many feel the 31-year old is a stop gap until Dwayne Haskins gets up to speed it’s nice to see the passing game in good hands. 

Catching Fire- a lot has been made of Josh Doctson’s inability to stay healthy as a rookie while producing in the years since.  Sunday rookie Terry McLauirin grabbed 5 passes for 125 yards and a touchdown, giving him in one game more 100-yard receiving efforts than Doctson did in his entire time here.  Last year’s rookie flash Trey Quinn added 4 catches for 33 yards and a TD, and ageless veteran Vernon Davis notched 4 receptions for 59 yards and the game’s first score.  A big catch for Davis, who recently lost his grandfather.

Hold the Line!- while Trent Williams’ holdout continues, the offensive line allowed one sack while generating a little over two yards per carry.  The combination of Erick Flowers and Donald Penn were also whistled for a combined four penalties in the fourth quarter.  Move along, nothing to see here.

Third and a tale of two halves- the team converted 5 of 9 before intermission, and went 0 for 4 during the Eagles’ comeback.  The team ran on 12 of 13 plays, the other being a direct snap to Chris Thompson that was snuffed out.  Keenum completed 8 of 12 passes with 5 conversions, with the top targets being Vernon Davis (one conversion on three catches on five attempts) and Paul Richardson (two conversions on two attempts).  Yardage breakdown:  2 for 3 on short (1-3 needed) yardage, 1 for 3 on medium, and 2 for 7 on long yardage (7+ yards needed).

Defensive Deficiencies- things began well enough, before the second half saw the Eagles score the first four times they had the football.  The D generated just one sack, while Philly held the ball for over 21 minutes after intermission.  Quinton Dunbar led the team with nine tackles; and I maintain that it’s never good for a cornerback to pace the team in stops.

Special Teams Glass Mostly Full- Dustin Hopkins converted both field goal attempts and went 2-2 in extra points while Tress Way averaged 54 yards per punt.  Trey Quinn returned a punt for 11 yards while Steven Sims averaged 15 yards per kickoff return.  Punt coverage did allow 11.5 yards per return and the Eagles didn’t have a kickoff return.

Flying Flags- the Redskins were whistled 12 times for 96 yards.  Eight on offense, one on defense and three on special teams.  A league-high four holds (plus one more on special teams) and two false starts were the repeat offenses.  Erick Flowers (two holds) and Donald Penn (a chop block and a false start) are the early leaders in the race nobody wants to win.  The worst penalty?

Dissecting the Division-  Dallas’ 35-17 win gives the Cowboys first place after one week, while the Eagles are in second for the moment.  The Skins’ minus-five point differential means they’re in third and avoid the cellar for the moment.

West is Best- I know it’s early, but the NFC West went 3-0-1 while the AFC West is 3-1 after one week.


How bad will things get for the Burgundy and Gold?  A losing season and non-playoff campaign is already assured.  We’ve already seen the face of the franchise become fallible…casting doubt in his future.  There have been days when the defense gets gashed repeatedly…while on other afternoons and evenings the offense is reduced to a drizzle.  Now the coach is defending his defensive coordinator against a former player who calls Jim Haslett both clueless and a backstabber.  The 24-0 loss to St. Louis was perhaps punctuated before the game even began when Rams coach Jeff Fisher sent six players out as captains for the coin toss–six players who came to the Rams thanks to the RG3 trade.  Things are bad…and they may get much, much worse before the season ends.

McCoy, beam me up!– Colt before spraining his neck threw for 199 yards and two interceptions while also getting sacked six times.  Much like the Kirk Cousins Boom and Bust Cycle…now that teams have more tape on the plucky third stringer, he’s less effective.

Alfred the Vanishing– after gaining 12 yards on his first carry of the game, Mr. Morris ran the ball 7 more times for a total of minus-6 yards.  As a team the Skins gained just 27 yards on 12 tries…and was a decided non-factor.

Garcon instead of DeSean– with Jackson out of commission with an injury, Pierre returned to 2013 form by catching 9 passes for 95 yards.  Santana Moss matched his week 13 production with 3 more catches for 43 yards.

Third and Forever– the Skins move the chains on 3 of 12 attempts…with McCoy completing 6 of 7 passes for 3 conversions (with 3 sacks).  Seven of the third downs were by 10 yards or more as the problem isn’t just how this team executes on third down but how poorly they move the ball before third down.  Short: 1 for 2.  Medium: 0 for 2.  Long: 2 for 8.

One Serious Sack of You Know What– Skins quarterbacks were sacked 7 times.  Sometimes it’s the offensive line…sometimes its the runningback not making the right block on a blitzer…sometimes its the quarterback holding the ball too long.  Prime picks need to be spent on a wall up front for this team to move forward.

Case for the Defense– Will Compton tallied 14 sacks while Ryan Kerrigan notched a pair of sacks.  The D got off the field on 6 of 12 third downs.  The secondary still looks bad and the pass rush isn’t good enough to mask one bad back four.  The prime picks that aren’t going towards offensive linemen need to be spent on quality DB’s.

Cobra Kai– no field goal or extra point attempts for Mr. Forbath.  Tress Way’s day was marked by gaining 2 yards on a fake punt…but he still averaged over 45 yards per kick.  Sadly the special teams allowed a 78 yard punt return for a touchdown to Tayvon Austin in the third quarter that wrapped up the scoring.

Flying Flags– on 5 infractions this time for 51 yards.  Three on offense (false start, ineligible downfield pass, holding) and two on defense (personal foul and a facemask).  The most costly?  Kory Lichtensteiger’s ineligible downfield pass that turned what would have been a 1st and 10 from the Rams 38 into a 3rd and 10 from the Skins 16.  Both defensive players turned what would have been fourth downs into first downs for the Rams out of their own territory.

Dissecting the Division– despite Philadelphia’s loss the Eagles remain in first place of the NFC East (due to their win over Dallas on Thanksgiving)…holding the #3 seed in the conference.  The second place Cowboys are currently 7th in the  NFC–losing conference record tiebreakers with wildcard contenders Detroit and Seattle.  The NY Giants win over Tennessee gives them the inside track to not finishing last--the cellardwelling Skins can clinch last place with a loss to the G-Men Sunday.

Shaking down the South– while the AFC South is somewhat sorry at 20-32 after 13 weeks, the NFC South has already clinched a losing record for the season at 16-35-1.  I admire Atlanta for keeping its division record perfect (5-0) while remaining winless outside of its group (0-8).  The race for best division has the NFC West (32-20) one half game better than the AFC North (31-20-1)…with the NFC North (30-22) in close pursuit.  The NFC East? 25-27 and sixth-best.