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Elvis’ first movie was the semi-western “Love Me Tender” where he plays a Texan who welcomes his brothers home from the Civil War only to learn they are wanted by the law.  He would later portray a rodeo star twice, as well as revisit the old west multiple times. His final films have him out west and in the past; for some reason contemporary Elvis wasn’t working as well (see the box office receipts from “Live a Little, Love a Little” and “Clambake”).  His stage presence seems to translate better to the western on location or on the open soundstage as opposed to the closed sets of his other films.  But by 1969, he had shot his Christmas Special and was moving on from his movie persona into the “Vegas Jumpsuit Elvis Era”, for better and for worse (as we’d see by 1977 it was mostly worse).


“Charro”- March 12, 1969. 

Gross- $1.5 million (according to Variety), the 58th highest-grossing film of the year according to, $25.2 million adjusted for inflation.  

IMDB Rating: 5.7 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes- 56% Audience Score. 

Role: Jess Wade, an outlaw who sings but only during the title sequence. 

Elvis ditches the race car and musical instruments while growing a beard in the old west.  He’s a reformed outlaw kidnapped by his old gang who have stolen a gold-plated cannon used by Emperor Maximilian.  Gangleader “Vince” (Victor French) intends to sell the gun while setting up “Jess” for the blame.  Now a wanted man he has to resolve the situation with the Mexican government and US Cavalry breathing down his neck.  And sadly, he has no songs he can spontaneously start singing to defuse the situation.   There’s a shootout and much more.  Will this end like “Flaming Star” and “Love Me Tender”, two other Elvis movies that took place in Texas?

Who’s That Guy?  Victor French (“Vince Hackett”) would go on to appear on “Little House of the Prairie” and “Highway to Heaven”, while James B. Sikking (“Gunner”) would star on “Hill Street Blues” and “Doogie Howser, MD”. 

You’ll Be Humming- the title song is perhaps the best Elvis has done since…….Viva Las Vegas?

Worth It? Saddle up!  It’s a shame Elvis couldn’t have made a movie every other year in the 70’s like this one. 


“The Trouble With Girls (and how to get into it)– September 10, 1969.

Gross- $17.6 million adjusted for inflation according to, the  78th highest-grossing film of the year.  

IMDB Rating: 5.5 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes- 54% Audience Score. 

Role: Walter Hale, manager of the traveling Chatauqua company in 1927.  

The traveling Chautaqua company arrives in a small Iowa town in 1927, but the new manager “Walter” is trying to prevent the performers from unionizing.  The town also has its issues, with the local pharmacist “Wilby” (Dabney Coleman) murdered.  Can Walter solve the case while keeping his performers together?

Who’s That Girl/Guy?  Vincent Price plays “Mr. Morality” while baseball hall of famer Duke Snyder portrays “The Cranker”. Nicole Jaffe (“Betty”) and Frank Welker (“Rutgers College kid”) would be more familiar to fans of “Scooby Doo”, Welker voicing Fred and Jaffe voicing Velma. ZOIKS!!

You’ll Be Humming- “Clean up Your own Backyard” has the feel of an Elvis who wants to get back to performing live.

Worth It?  This is so off-brand it’s almost an anti-Elvis movie.  The few songs he sings aren’t that great and one doesn’t know what sort of film this is until one is way into it.  Skip it.




Just like the janitor who masqueraded as “The Phantom” in that Scooby Doo mystery, the Nats were this close to scaring away the rest of the NL East from the warehouse (underneath the division was a diamond mine, believe it or not) area and selling off 2015.  Philadelphia?  The Fightin’ Phils became the Fire Sale Phils by jettisoning Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon and Ben Revere.  Miami?  the Marlins have been playing for 2016 since May…although some think they’re actually playing for 2017.  Atlanta?  The Braves new world is now 11 games under .500 after getting swept by the Phillies.  All the Nats needed was for the Mets to revert to form after a surprising start. But just like kidnapping Daphne is no way to get rid of the Mystery Machine gang, the Nationals took a sluggish lineup and shaky bullpen into Queens last weekend and the ill-fitting Phantom mask came off.  Two walk-off losses and one rough hiccup by Jordan Zimmermann (3 HR allowed in 5 pitches) later, we have a virtual tie for first place in the NL East.  Matt Williams and company would have gotten away with the division, if it weren’t for those meddling Mets and their pitching.  Be ready for a scrappy final two months (nothing good happens when Scrappy is in the equation).

Dealing at the Deadline– the Nats were looking for a bridge to closer Drew Storen and couldn’t find a setup man for the right price.  Instead they made Storen the bridge and brought in Jonathan Papelbon.  The closer with crazy eyes had 17 saves for the Phillies in limited opportunities…but brings a stellar postseason record to DC.  As long as Storen is cool with being moved out of a role he’s earned for the third time in four years…and Doug Fister gets used to pitching with #33 on his back as opposed to #58.  I hope he got something cool from Papelbon to change numbers…

The Boys are Back in Town– one reason why the Nats stood pat on adding a bat before the deadline was the knowledge that they had multiple players coming off the disabled list.  Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth rejoined the Nats Tuesday in Miami.  While the duo is currently hitting .205 (9-44 with 2 walks and 14 strikeouts) since their return, one would imagine each would eventually find their pre-injury groove.  Now all they need is Span and Strasburg to return…

Dissecting the Division– the Mets after losing 18 of their last 21 home games to the Nats find themselves percentage points out of first place.  The team that won’t go away is staying in the conversation thanks to a pitching staff that ranks 3rd in the Majors in ERA and 1st in Quality Starts.  Now that they’ve added a big bat in Yoesnis Cespedes, watch out world!  This week the Mets head to the sunshine state for series against Miami and Tampa Bay.  The Marlins and Rays are both entering that “thank goodness for NFL Training Camps” mode to their seasons, as both are under .500 entering the dog days of summer.

Division of Rings– only one quartet out of the six in MLB can claim that every team has won the World Series…the AL Central.  Now, only one team (Chicago White Sox-2005) can boast a title in the last 20 years and Cleveland boasts the longest drought in the AL…but this has to be something to hang your hats on, right?  Kansas City (1985) owns the best record in the American League, and pulled off a few at the wire deals to bolster an already-strong roster (just imagine how many All-Stars they’d have now!).  Minnesota (1991) is in the middle of the Wildcard mix -owning a 1-game lead over the Orioles for the 2nd WC spot.  Detroit (1984), the White Sox (don’t forget 1917 either) and Cleveland (1948) are all on the outside looking in.  Watch Major League, boys and girls...

Last Week’s Heroes– Bryce Harper belted two homers in Miami Wednesday to take the NL lead with 29 round-trippers…while hitting .348 with a team-high 8 runs scored.  Anthony Rendon in his first full week off the DL batted .292 with 7 runs scored.  Max Scherzer provided another stellar start, scattering 3 hits while striking out 6 over 7 scoreless innings in a matinee against the Marlins.  In a world where starters rack up no-decisions with numbing regularity, Scherzer has 19 decisions in 21 starts.  That is what an Ace does…

Last Week’s Humbled– Wilson Ramos went hitless in 11 at-bats…and is batting .083 since the All Star Break with no walks and 13 strikeouts.  This from a guy who was hitting 4th and 5th for much of the first half of the season.  Ian Desmond also had a rough week (.130, one walk and 11 strikeouts) after hitting .478 the week before.  Thank goodness the Nats are healthy enough that these guys are hitting 6th and 7th… instead of 2nd and 4th.  Jordan Zimmermann went 0-2 last week…suffering a stretch Sunday where he allowed 3 homers over a 5 pitch span (the 4th pitch yielded a single).  Ouch…

Game to Watch– Max Scherzer pitches Tuesday against the team that drafted him…Arizona.  The Diamondbacks trot out Patrick Corbin, who won his last start while striking out 10 in the outing before that.  Get some popcorn…

Game to Miss– Saturday Doug Fister pitches against Colorado’s Yohan Flande.  While I was able to muster excitement for the Fister-Wistler duel, Fister-Flande just doesn’t carry the same mustard (the 29 year old is making his third start of the season after being a bullpen mainstay before the All Star Break).  Even the “58 meets 58” angle is lost thanks to Fister switching to #33.  It’s the final month before football season.  Enjoy a Saturday at Chateau O’Brien off Exit 18 on I-66.  Say hi to the best pourer in Northern Virginia, Irrational Marc (not to be confused with Winesnob Marc).

One never knows what the watershed is until one is far beyond it.  The spark is just a spark until a long time later you recognize the brush-fire.  How did the NCAA Tournament get here?  Was it President Clinton rooting his Arkansas team to the title in ’94?  Elliott Gould at the ’76 Oscars saying “Indiana 86-68” after his co-presenter said “the winner is”?  Much like the day I turned around at a Super Bowl Party and it was a group of men and women who weren’t football fans getting into the game, there was a moment when the NCAA Tournament turned from a basketball fan’s dream to an American event.  Everybody does a bracket– including the President.  Casual fans take half days to catch the Thursday and Friday games–not as much to watch basketball to be a part of the moment.  To participate in a happening.

The NCAA Tournament provides 32 games over a 40 hour span… followed by 16 more over the next two days.  I’m not a fan of the late Sunday games, but still…the pure volume of games means you only need a few upsets and a few fantastic finishes to make these two days “the best ever!” on the sports calendar.  Will I help you pick all 63 games?  No.  (Yes, I still refuse to count the “First Four” in the grand scheme of things–just like I refuse to call Round of 32 the “Second Round”.  I also recognize that probably means I’m turning into the old man yelling at the First Four and Second Round to get off his lawn).

Time for the time-honored (since 2007 at least) tradition of Bold, Fold and Gold picks for each region…:

Bold as in which team advances a beyond its seed-perhaps even turning the bracket upside down?  Think Wichita State or Florida Gulf Coast last year…

Fold as in which favorite flames out?  Think Duke and Missouri as #2 seeds who lost to #15’s two years ago…or Georgetown melting last March.

And Gold as in who’s headed to Arlington (excuse me, NORTH TEXAS) for the Final Four?

EAST–  Virginia is the #1 seed for the first time since the Ralph Sampson era…but the last time the Cavaliers reached the Final Four they did so the year after Sampson graduated as a #7 seed.  They became the first team to reach the Final Four after losing its conference tournament opener–much like #2 Villanova did in the Big East Quarterfinals.  Not a good sign for the Wildcats…but does anybody notice Nova or the Wahoos?  Everybody is picking Michigan State.  As they should.  Tom Izzo traditionally gets his team to overperform its seed…or at least get to the second weekend (11 of the last 16 years).

Bold–it’s tough to root for Harvard…even though an upset of Cincinnati would cause Bearcats coach Mick Cronin’s head to explode (you can see his neck change color sometimes).  #11 Providence is led by Bryce Cotton (21ppg and 6apg) and the Friars’ only losses since Valentines Day came against Villanova and at Creighton.  Plus…they’re playing a North Carolina team that suffers major hoops ADD.

Fold–  I’m not sold on Villanova.  I know they won 28 games and took the regular season title in the “New Big East”…which was more “Archie Bunker’s Place” than “What’s Happening Now”–but still a shell of the original (does this make the American Athletic Conference of America “The Jeffersons” or “Good Times”?)…but got blown out twice by Creighton and will play either a former Big East foe in UConn (my buddy “UConn James” is back after a year brief absence) or a Philly foe in St. Joe’s in the round of 32 (two tough teams that won’t be intimidated by the Wildcats).

Gold– have I mentioned everybody’s taking Michigan State?  The same Spartan team that lost 4 of 6 to finish the regular season (including a home loss to Illinois).   The same Spartan team where every four-year senior has played in at least one Final Four since Tom Izzo took over.  Have I mentioned I’m on the bandwagon as well?


SOUTH– Overall #1 seed Florida faces Albany in the first round Thursday…couldn’t they have given the Great Danes another day to get from Dayton to Orlando?  And can you root against a school who’s mascot looks like a mean Scooby Doo?  If there’s a “phantom” that shows up at the arena, I’m guessing it’s really the janitor who learned there’s a diamond mine on the property and wanted to scare the owners into selling.  Kansas may be without Joel Embiid…and Syracuse may still be missing its offense.  Seriously, if you know where the Orange half-court offense is…please respond with an email ASAP.

BoldOhio State has the most annoying player in the tournament Aaron Craft.  I’m surprised he didn’t attend Duke.  The Buckeyes rallied from 18 down to win their Big Ten Quarterfinal…has the short Columbus-Buffalo commute (now that wakes up the echoes for Bluejackets-Sabres like nothing else) and potentially plays a shaky Syracuse team that might be bounced the first day of the Tournament.

FoldVCU faces a Stephen F. Austin squad that’s on fire…and also has to play UCLA in San Diego.  Somehow I’m not completely confident in the Rams…despite their recent success in the tournament.  And any Atlantic 10 losses will give Coach K cause to be smug during a press conference…what’s a tournament without a little bit of that?

GoldKansas played the toughest non-conference season and then went on to win the toughest conference.  Despite getting bounced in the Big 12 tournament, the Jayhawks will be playing in nearby St. Louis the first weekend.  That’ll give Embiid enough time to embed himselfe back in the rotation for a jaw-dropping victory over Florida.


MIDWEST– Wichita State enters the tournament unbeaten but not unquestioned.  The Missouri Valley Conference was even lighter this year after the loss of Creighton to the Big East.  And what is it with flashy #4 seeds this year?  Defending Champ Louisville enters the Big Dance on a big roll.  Maryland moment–former Terp Ashton Pankey plays for #13 seed Manhattan.

Bold– have I mentioned how I can’t stand the “First Four”?  How teams that play Tuesday night have to turn around in less than 48 hours for another game and then do the same thing again?  Thank goodness NC State has TJ Warren (25ppg) to keep the Wolfpack afloat against a slumping St. Louis…and Mark Gottfried’s been able to coax an extra round out of double-digit seeds before.

Fold– I’m not sold on Michigan…they shoot way too many threes for my liking and have a dangerous matchup in the round of 32 against one of two ACC expatriates (Rick Barnes and Herb Sendek for whatever reson couldn’t get Clemson and NC State to the next level).  They haven’t missed injured Preseason All-American Mitch McGary that much during the regular season– they will in March.

Gold–  Who’s ready to hear Coach K talk about “three 4-team tournaments”…and what a great season these kids have had even if they don’t win it all?  It’s amazing to see blue-blooded Duke ride a freshman (Jabari Parker) and a transfer (Rodney Hood) this March.  Since Mike Krzyzewski began guiding the US Olympic effort, the Blue Devils have made one final four–and 2010 came right between both Olympian efforts.  I’m going with the off-Olympic year rhythm.


WEST– top seed Arizona reflects a region that actually has 14 of 16 schools west of the Mississippi River…with recent tournament underachiever Gonzaga facing 2013-14 underachiever Oklahoma State for the right to play the Wildcats.

Bold–Nebraska has NEVER won an NCAA Tournament game.  Not under Moe Iba.  Not under Danny Nee or Barry Collier.  They face a Baylor team that used to bludgeon them regularly in Big 12 play– and just like Maryland a few years from now, will show the world how the Big Ten has taken that program to the next level!

Fold–let the record show I have a buddy self-titled “Sooner Bob” (no relation to “UConn James”) and is all Oklahoma football from August to January.  He also goes by “Thunder Bob” from April to June…and “Ranger Bob” in July.  I think there may even be a “Brazilian Bob” showing up at the World Cup this summer.  Lon Kruger has a good team this year–but “Sooner Bob” is way too enthusiastic about a team he only pays attention to for six weeks.  And this team leaves sooner rather than later this March.

Gold– Wisconsin begins its tournament run in Milwaukee (which from what I am told is in the state of Wisconsin) and is remarkably efficient on both ends of the floor.  During coach Bo Ryan’s press conference Wednesday he started talking about gaggles of geese…murders of crows and parliaments of owls.  I have no idea what that means but it gives me confidence in the Badgers…