Welcome to the new forum for “Preston’s Perspective”… a critically ignored tour de force that talks sports, “Dallas” and Girl Scout Cookies in force… where to begin?

RGIII or RG3?  I prefer the arabic form… although what creeps me out is that Rex Grossman is an “RG III” as well.  And I’m thinking of other “thirds” of note… George III and Thurston Howell III.  There was a kid who grew up two streets over in Bedford, New Hampshire named “Tyler Charlesworth” that I threw a “III” on just because it seemed to fit.  Griffin gave a nice press conference at Fed Ex Field where he said all of the right things… and the area is back drinking  the Burgundy and Gold Kool-Aid in a way they haven’t since Joe Gibbs returned to the team in 2004. 

Skins Draft Offensive– with 6 of 9 picks playing on that side of the ball (and two of the defensive picks coming in the 7th round)… the Redskins attempt to bolster their 26th in the league scoring offense.  I like taking three linemen– RG3 can’t complete passes lying down and we’ve seen previous first rounders melt under poor pass protection (Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell).

Quarterback Collection– ESPN is sending thank-you notes to Ashburn for giving them a hot-button topic on the lazy Saturday (rounds 4-7 are strictly for die-hards).  By taking Kirk Cousins, the Skins became the first team since 1989 to take two QB’s in the first four rounds.  For those scoring at home:  Green Bay took Anthony Dilweg #2 and Jeff Graham #2 (not the Ohio State Jeff Graham… but the Long Beach State Jeff Graham).  While many look at this as a replay of 1994 when Heath Shuler wasn’t as good as Gus Frerotte… others reference 1983 when Denver traded for #1 overall pick John Elway after drafting Gary Kubiak in the 8th round– and Kubiak became Elway’s understudy for the better part of nine seasons.  And as we learned with John Beck’s release, the drafting of Cousins was more a reflection of Rex-Beck than RG3.

Dynamic Debut Doomed by a Bad Bullpen– I thought there were curfew laws in LA… but the Nationals needed every bit of Bryce Harper’s bat to carve out a 3-1 ninth inning lead.  The 19-year old’s sac fly RBI seemingly gave the Nats the go-ahead run… but Henry Rodriguez throws three wild pitches and coughs up two runs- setting up a Matt Kemp walkoff home run in the 10th.  And there’s the best and worst about the Nats in a nutshell:  incredible promise but tempered by a relief corp that has been somewhat shaky in 2012.

That’s spelled HOTby– What a run for the Capitals… the month-long tango with 8th place results in the 7th seed and a first round upset of the defending champs.  Contributing factors to this roll include the team finally adjusting to coach Dale Hunter’s style of play… the intense focus that exists when every game is must-win… and goalie Braden Holtby having an incredible spring.  Is this something that will continue this fall or is the rookie a one-hit wonder?  Right now next year means nothing– and all that matters is a bounce back on Monday night.