Haven’t we seen this before?  The last four times the Redskins have made the playoffs they’ve done so from a 5-6 start.  So in theory they have the NFL right where they want them:  a win over the 2-8 sad-sack Giants only gets them on their way.  Have we mentioned there’s not one winning team remaining on their schedule?  I’m feeling the spirit of 2005, 2007, 2012 and 2015 all over again.

One needs to think that way to avoid getting too bummed by the 34-31 come from ahead loss in New Orleans.  We always knew that the Redskins defense had issues…and in the last two weeks they’ve coughed up 72 points to slide all the way down to 31st in points allowed.  The offense has been efficient all fall yet not effective…and once again in crucial situations the attack came up short.  Special teams has been a mystery–and Sunday it was but in a good way.  Let’s get this game out of our system before Thanksgiving (and the NY Giants arrive).

Captain Kirk- The Franchise Tagged One actually played well despite the defeat and binary referendum on what to do with #8.  He completed 22 of 32 passes for 322 yards and three touchdowns–no small feat.  Yes, there was the intentional grounding in the fourth quarter–but the NFL called the team late Sunday night to say they were wrong.  Sp no harsh feelings…as long as there’s a DeLorean with plutonium waiting.  I mean–you can’t just go into a drugstore and get that element these days.  Star Trek Episode Equivalent: “The Apple”, where the Enterprise stumbles upon an idol-worshipping planet and Kirk violates the prime directive again.

Runs no Errors- Finally, a semi-monster day by a back that would make Alfred Morris proud.  Samaje Perine led the team with 117 yards on 23 carries.  The ground game that had been in hibernation since the bye week (five straight games less than 100 yards) suddenly showed life…but it happened minus the team’s best back.  Chris Thompson broke his leg in the third quarter–and the plucky kid from Florida State was the team’s leading rusher and receiver through nine weeks despite being the #2 option in both.

Third Down and Whatever- the Skins moved the chains on 4 of 12 attempts.  Kirk Cousins completed 6 of 9 passes for three conversions.  He scrambled twice, making the necessary yardage once.   Perine lost one yard on 3rd & 1.   Yardage Breakdown- 2-for-4 on 3rd & short, 1-for-1 on manageable, 1-for-7 on 3rd & 7+.

Zach Brown Band- the leader took a back-seat to Josh Norman and Kendall Fuller as a pair of defensive backs along with linebacker Martell Spraight led the Skins with seven tackles apiece.  The D locked things down for three-plus quarters, only to cough up a pair of late scores.  Greg Manusky’s unit may rank 19th against the run and 25th against the pass, but they’re currently allowing the second most points in the NFL.

Flying Flags- nine penalties for 67 yards.  Seven against the offense and two against the defense.  Two false starts and two intentional groundings, one of which was neither intentional nor grounding.

Dissecting the Division- Philadelphia’s win in Dallas puts the Eagles four games ahead of the Cowboys in the NFC East.  Philly also owns the best record in the conference.  Dallas is in 10th place of the NFC–and minus meal ticket Ezekiel Elliott could be sliding down the standings on a weekly basis.  The Redskins’ loss means that at 4-6 they’re in 11th place thanks to tiebreakers against Arizona and Tampa Bay.  The New York Giants remain in last place of the division but their win keeps them out of the NFC Cellar.

Conference Call- the NFC continues its whuppin’ of the AFC 26-16 with every division owning a winning record.  The NFC South remains the quartet to beat with a 25-15//24-16 mark–while the AFC North and West are tied for last at 17-23.  The NFC East is 20-20 through ten weeks.