The NFL season kicks off this evening, and that means the sports page at WTOP.COM is now over-run with predictions and prognostications.  For all of the goods go here:

For those of you who were looking for answers in essay form as opposed to short answer… I’ll hand off right here…:

-What will be the Redskins’ final record, where will they finish in the division, and will they make the playoffs?

Redskins will go 10-6 and win the NFC East…while the rest of the division will all finish 6-10.

-What non-playoff team from last season will make it this year?

The Ravens will bounce back from last year’s close calls and injuries…and shout Oh during the anthem come January…

-What playoff team from last year won’t make it this year?

Denver will realize that a massively substandard Peyton Manning is much better than a Trevor Siemian at his best.

-Which team will have the biggest increase in wins?

The Ravens will win 5 to 6 more games in 2016 than they did last year…I’m also wary about the NY Giants and Indianapolis

-Which team will have the biggest decrease in wins?

The Broncos could crater in a Florida Marlins kind of way…and I’m concerned that Arizona or Carolina will have “market corrections” to 10-6/9-7.

-In what week will Tony Romo return as a starter, if at all?

Tony Romo will start Sunday October 30th and light it up in week 8 against Philadelphia…only to injure his back while trying to slide the next Sunday at Cleveland. Robert Griffin III will be unavailable for comment.

-Will RG3 start for the Browns in Washington in Week 4?

Robert III, one year after being deposed from his the Potomac Valley Duchy, begins an unstable regime on the shores of Lake Erie while many in the Anacostia region root for his triumphant return.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown–for while Robert the Lion-Hearted but Feeble-Kneed directs a campaign into Landover, he gives way to his heir apparent midway through the skirmish.  So ends the House of Griffin in Cleveland…and begins the House of McCown.

-How many personal fouls will Josh Norman/Odell Beckham Jr. combine for in their two matchups this season?

Norman/Beckham Jr will combine for  3 personal fouls this fall…leading FOX to bring Beckham Jr into Norman’s segment where they shake hands.  Sadly it’s funnier than Rob Riggle’s picks segment…

-Who will win each conference championship and the Super Bowl?

Arizona beats Seattle to win the NFC title…while New England beats Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship Game.

Then Tom Brady sticks it to Roger Goodell as Sully from Southie celebrates on Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NBC and the NFL will get into a major tiff over whether or not Mike Tirico is worthy of their Thursday night games… Al Michaels and Bob Costas taking turns calling them out.