I know the Nationals played on Opening Day…and hosted their home opener as well last week.  So why does it feel like this is actually the first week of real baseball?  Blame the scheduled off days…plus Saturday’s “cold day”.  Thus, they’ve only played four games entering week two.  So instead of simply a snapshot, we have an underdeveloped polaroid.  They’ve looked good (gritty wins in Atlanta), disappointing (1-for-12 with runners in scoring position in the home opener) and redemptive (Werth proving his worth with a blast Sunday).

Orioles Magic!  Who would have thought that the birds would win six straight to begin the season-especially with their pitching staff resembling a gasoline fire in spring training?  Their previous two 5-0 starts (1944 in St. Louis, 1970 in Weaver’s World) also resulted in World Series appearances.

Things they do look awful C-C-Cold:  Was it a surprise to anybody that there was snow in the northeast and unfriendly temps on the shores of Lake Erie?  Either delay the regular season schedule one week (and have each team play 8 weekend doubleheaders over the 6-month season) or have warm-weather (and dome) teams host the first week of the regular season.  It’s the price of doing business in early April when a big chunk of your locations are in the northeast and midwest.

Hoover?  Really?  This year’s sixth wheel in the Racing Presidents will be Herbert Hoover.  I know he’s next in line for the White House Christmas Tree Ornament…and I collect one each fall as well as send one to my mother for her birthday (Mama Presto has a December 8th bday:  it’s a cool tradition because it won’t overshadow her Christmas gift and she can definitely use it during the holiday season).  But Herbert Hoover?  The guy kind of presided over one of the lower points in this nation’s history (Buchanan takes the cake for allowing the nation to dissolve in 1860-61).  What’s worse–he wears 31 as he was the 31st president of the US.  Meaning if Max Scherzer struggles AT ALL this year…I’m blaming Hoover.

Last Week’s Heroes- Daniel Murphy hit .462 with a homer and 5 RBI while Joe Ross struck out 5 Sunday over 7 innings.  Yes, Bryce Harper homered twice and Max Scherzer struck out 7 over 7 frames on opening day–but it’s nice to get contributions from their second-tier players.

Last Week’s Humbled- Michael A. Taylor followed up a superb spring training with a less than ideal opening week, hitting .063 with 5 strikeouts and no walks from the leadoff spot.  Again, it’s early.  But again, Taylor despite all of his strengths might not be suited best to hitting first in the order.

Game to Watch- Tuesday Gio Gonzalez makes his regular season debut over a week into the season thanks to off days, cold days and simply principle.  The lefthander squares off against Jhoulys Chacin…who makes his debut as well.  It almost feels like television’s midseason premiere night!

Game to Miss- Thursday Tanner Roark pitches against Atlanta’s Julio Teheran in a late-afternoon affair.  Not only do we have the Capitals hosting Philadelphia in Game 1 of their first round playoff series, but taxes are due the next day.  Civic duty first, Stanley Cup watching second…