November can be nice or nasty… schools like Maryland can bask in a first-ever win at Penn State,  schools like Navy can look forward to their annual matchup with Army regardless of their record, schools like Virginia Tech can wonder what went wrong, and schools like Virginia can forget football because basketball tips off this month (for a while it seemed as though they were starting earlier and earlier–at least now the regular season doesn’t begin for another week).  The Terps, Hokies and Midshipmen all have byes this weekend–while the Cavaliers may as well be entering a bye.


Were you on the edge of your seat Tuesday when the College Football Playoff rankings?  Me neither.  Yes, there’s a top four that will comprise College Football’s first-ever playoff.  But there are quite a few games to be played before the conference championships wrap up the regular season in early December.  While it’s nice to see who’s in the top four and who barely misses the field…this smacks of Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology with an official stamp of approval.  Is this helpful?  Yes.  Is all of the surrounding hype necessary?  Not exactly.  Tuesday does nothing to enhance how much I enjoy Saturday.


What is it with pumpkins?  Back in the day you dealt with pumpkins at Halloween, pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and in a more minor way at Christmas.  Now you’ve got nothing but pumpkin possibilities:  I get pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins…but did we need pumpkin spice lattes in September?  Pumpkintinis as a seasonal cocktail?  I’ve also heard of pumpkin mac & cheese–as well as pumpkin pasta.  I’ve yet to discover if the pumpkin is in the noodles or its simply a sauce that adorns the normal pasta.


Alma Mater Update– the Orange are clinging to the precipice of bowl eligibility at 3-6.  Fantastic.  Coastal Division leading Duke drops by the Carrier Dome.  Thank goodness for SU Hoops…


Virginia at #2 Florida State– Yeah…Wahoo fans-we’re going to need you to come in Saturday.  It doesn’t look great.  Wasn’t this team leading the Coastal Division just a few weeks ago?  For one brief, shining moment there were bowl hopes that acknowledged one tough finishing run on the schedule that began with the Seminoles and wrapped up with Miami (now 6-3) and Virginia Tech (haven’t lost to UVa since 2003).  Now November represents a continued anticipated descent where even 5-7 would seem like a victory of sorts.  Jameis Winston isn’t suspended at this time–anything can happen between now and 6:30pm Saturday–and I’m sure he’s licking his chops at a defense that has played well in spots but hasn’t been able to make plays recently when it’s mattered.  On offense, the loss of wide receiver Miles Gooch for the season turns the amusing game of Mike London and the Magic Eight Ball moot–as Greyson Lambert and Matt Johns are now deprived of their number one option.  Cavaliers come up short, 41-16.


Howard gets by Savannah State, Morgan State slips to North Carolina A&T, Richmond beats Maine, James Madison gets by Stony Brook, William & Mary rips Elon, Towson tumbles to Villanova.


Last Week: 8-3

Overall: 68-27.