There’s nothing like a lame duck presidency.  The great often don’t know when it’s over.  “Friends” and “The Office” last a season or two longer than they should have.  Lethal Weapon 4 existed.  In Blacksburg past and future are struggling with the present:  Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer has built the Hokies from an independent nobody wanted in their league but everybody wanted to schedule into a formidable second-tier name school that was scooped up in the first salvo of the ACC’s dismemberment of the Big East.  They joined the Atlantic Coast Conference with two schools of higher pedigree (Miami and Boston College), then outperformed both by posting eight straight 10-win seasons (granted, double digit campaigns are easier to come by nowadays than in the era of 10 and 11-game regular seasons, but still…).  When the Hurricanes were in hot water with the NCAA and the Eagles were firing coaches for speaking with the NFL, the Hokies were playing for conference titles and appearing in BCS Bowls.  That’s what makes the last three years tough to stomach…as Virginia Tech is 19-14 since the start of the 2012 campaign.  From dominating the Coastal Division to being on the outside looking in– in October.  From boasting BEAMER BALL!…to showcasing less than special teams.  From not beating themselves to being among the nation’s leaders in penalties.  From being a program challenging the nation’s top tier–to being second-rate in the ACC’s second best division.  Five years ago Frank Beamer was one of three area coaches leading his alma mater in the ACC–each in their 60’s.  Al Groh was fired after a 3-9 finish in ’09 and read a poem on his way out the door while Ralph Friedgen was fired a year later after an 8-4 mark, an ACC Coach of the Year award and one burned up diploma.  Beamer was the most successful of the three– and is now 68 years old in the middle of a 4-3 season where things have been consistently uneven.  For turning the VPI Gobblers into the Virginia Tech Hokies alone, he deserves to leave Blacksburg on his own terms.  But he also has to recognize the temperature of the room and leave gracefully.  This year’s bunch is inexperienced and should only get better as the year progresses–does Beamer have one more magical run inside himself?


Virginia Tech entertains Miami– the Hokies of 5 years ago would have won this one going away.  They would have bottled up Hurricanes runningback Duke Johnson and his 110+ yards per game (on 7+ yards per carry).  They would have been able to establish the run and not make mistakes offensively.  Sadly, it looks like the Hurricanes’ night.  Hokies fall, 26-13.