It certainly didn’t feel like a ten point game.  The Redskins 27-17 loss to defending champ Seattle felt resembled that of a mouse being caught by a cat who proceeded to lose interest in completing the kill.  At one point the Seahawks had more penalty yards (45) than the Redskins offense total yardage (27 on the first 18 plays from scrimmage).  The team’s 1-4 start matches last year’s opening stumble before they “got hot” with 2 wins in 3 weeks before finishing the year with 8 straight losses.


Kirk Beams Up– after a rough first half where he was held to 7 of 17 passing, Captain Cousins completed his first six passes of the third quarter…finishing 14 of 19 after halftime.  Coach Jay Gruden says Cousins sometimes makes the tough throws look easy and the simple throws look difficult.  He looked sharp on 57 and 60-yard passes to DeSean Jackson…but looked suspect while misfiring or checking down repeatedly on third down.  Of the 11 possessions that mattered, 5 were three and out and 2 more saw punts after the fourth play.   He was sacked just once despite a furious pass rush by the Seahawks D…although he looked like he was going to be planted into the Fed Ex Field turf on more than one occasion.  Hopefully they can keep Kirk out of sick bay for the time being…


Mayday for Morris– remember when Jessie’s stepbrother moved in and blackmailed Zack for cutting school to go to a Dodger game while pleading Rosh Hashanah?  Just like that Alfred Morris was turned from actor to reactor Monday night– held to 29 yards on 13 carries (including a 2 yard loss and fumble that napalmed the team’s first possession).  Granted, Seattle came into the game ranking 2nd in the league at stopping the run and surrendered just 2.8 yards per carry–but if you don’t want Lisa Turtle to go see Casablanca you can’t expose yourself by fumbling or catching a foul ball.  What is concerning is that Morris’ yardage has decreased each week this year, from 91 to 85 to 77 to 63 to now 29 yards.  But don’t worry about the Seahawk D, much like Jessie’s stepbrother they won’t make another appearance on the Redskins viewing schedule this year.


Feast and Famine– DeSean Jackson caught 5 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown–GREAT!  Pierre Garcon caught 2 passes (one in super garbage time) for 23 yards and an evening of ire from Richard Sherman–NOT AWESOME! Jackson stretched the field with 57 and 60 yards catches to help keep the Skins in the game.  I’M FULL!  Garcon was accused of pulling Sherman’s hair.  I’M STARVING!  The Legion of Boom’s Big Mouth then said that Garcon “didn’t matter in the league”.  I guess if Jackson rips apart the rest of the secondary it’s okay to blab all you want…I know Sherman is one of the top cornerbacks in the game but I’d just as soon hear him say “scoreboard” and move about his business.  The Tight End presence to keep the secondary honest?  No standing pat– Paul & Paulsen will not be running for President on 3 catches for 17 yards.  The Seahawks didn’t even need to use their special “Smothers Brothers” coverage.


Third and Forgettable– after the 1-for-10 nightmare against the Giants, the 3-for-12 bad dream against the Seahawks saw Kirk Cousins complete 7 of 11 passes for 32 yards and three conversions–all three on short passes to Andre (two short right, the other short middle).  Two of the passes took place on the first drive and the other occured on the Skins final possession of the night.  Meaning that with the exception of an illegal use of the hands penalty against Seattle, the Skins came up empty on the money down.  Breaking down the yardage:  1-4 on 3rd & 1 to 3 yards needed, 2-4 on 3rd & 4 to 6 yards necessary, 0-4 on third & 7+.  Nice to see 3rd and long in the minority though…meaning they’re at least doing something on 1st and 2nd downs.  


Defense gets the runaround– Russell Wilson turned the Skins D inside-out with 122 yards rushing and a touchdown while the third year pro also passed for 201 yards and two more scores.  Positive points?  Three sacks and the fact that five of the six leading tacklers were by players in the front seven.   Negative nuances?  LB Perry Riley is a question mark after injuring his knee against Seattle– they’ll miss his solid play (10 tackles) if he can’t go at Arizona.


Flying Flags– only 3 penalties for the Redskins this time.  Major Burgundy and Gold Star for the fridge!  One came on Special Teams (hold on a punt return by EJ Biggers) that turned a 1st and 10 from the 20 into a 1st and 10 from the 10…before the Skins would go three and out.  The two defensive penalties both sparked 4th quarter scoring drives:  Perry Riley’s defensive hold turned a 3rd and 3 into a 1st and 10 from the Skins 41  and Seattle would reach the endzone 11 plays later;  Jarvis Jenkins facemask jumpstarted the Seahawks game-clinching field goal drive.  What got me Monday night were the 13 penalties called against Seattle– 3 wiping out Seahawk touchdowns and others either slowing down one of their drives or sparking a Skins’ possession.  That doesn’t give me confidence long-term as Seattle tries to repeat.


Cobra Kai– Forbath drilled his lone attempt…a 27 yard field goal early in the third quarter when the Skins opted not to go for it on 4th and 1 from the Seattle 9.  That’s like having Bobby jump into Daniel LaRusso’s knee…he could have beat him (!) just as a Skins offense that was heating up could have gotten that yard.  Instead they settle for three and we have to watch Mr. Miyagi “magically heal Daniel’s knee with his touch” (something out of an ABC afterschool special).  In reality, Bobby was probably the toughest matchup for LaRusso…he was the most deliberate and thoughtful of the Cobra Kai and would’ve smelled the crane kick coming from a mile away.  Tress Way averaged almost 50 yards per punt– which is good because he had to kick 8 times Monday evening.


Dissecting the Division– the loss places the Burgundy and Gold two full games in last place of the NFC East.  Philadelphia owns first place thanks to the division tiebreaker (1-0 vs 0-0) over Dallas–both are 4-1 to start the season.  The NY Giants (3-2) are all alone in third.  Good news for the quartet:  the NFC East’s 12-8 combined record is percentage points behind the AFC North (11-7) for best division honors, an award that doesn’t generate a trophy, banner or plaque.  Worst division?  The AFC South is 7-13...but 1-1 against the Skins.