With the final year of the BCS winding down, everybody’s talking about how it would be just the best thing ever if the 4-team playoff began this year.  Espcecially with four unbeatens at this time.  Not like any unbeatens have ever lost late-November games…mind you.  Why stop at four?  What’s wrong with an 8 team field (giving automatic bids to SEC, B12, B10, ACC and Pac-12 while padding the bracket with 3 wildcards)?  Why not 16 (all 10 FBS conference winners get automatic berths with 6 wildcards in the system)?  Eventually, we’ll get there.  Remember, it was a HUGE deal when the NCAA’s expanded to 32 (!) schools and allowed at-large berths.  And there have been six expansions of the field since.  Until that day I’ll just have to dream about the South Regional Semifinal showdown between Alabama and Louisiana-Lafayette.  (And just for giggles, we’ll do a weekly bracket from here on out).

Alma Mater Update–  So…I guess the Orange have Florida State right where they want them?  The Jameis Winston scandal is percolating to the point of distraction but not suspension.  SU looked really bad in a win over Maryland (12 penalties?!).  Tallahassee offers one huge home field advantage (just ask Maryland over the years).  When I was a student the Orange played the Seminoles twice–losing by a combined score of 81-24.  And they weren’t that close.  Here’s to beating Pitt or Boston College…

Maryland at Virginia Tech– In a game that’s not a rivalry game but should be, the Terps try to win in Blacksburg for the first time since 1949…and beat the Hokies for the first time since 1990.  That’s four head coaching regimes ago.  Virginia Tech’s ranked first or second in most defensive categories…and when Logan Thomas isn’t turning over the ball they’re actually rather effective on offense.  The kicking game has been less the BEAMER BALLish… with 6 missed field goals and a few botched extra points (not to mention the occasional return allowed for a TD).  Maryland tries to avoid a four game losing streak and punch its postseason ticket for the first time since 2010…a tall task any time one faces VT, but with an injury-riddled roster the Terps may be waiting another week to celebrate.  Hokies hold on, 23-18.

Virginia is idle– although you could say they’ve been off all season.  Kippy and Buffy try to gather themselves for consecutive games against Miami and Virginia Tech–two teams vying for the ACC Coastal–so the spoiler role is there if they want it.  When does lacrosse season start?


Navy over South Alabama, Howard tops Texas Southern, Georgetown loses to Bucknell, William & Mary shocks Towson, Richmond loses to Delaware, James Madison over Stonybrook.

Last Week: 4-4.  Not exactly “Closing Month Material”–perhaps I can blame it on the even earlier College Hoop Season.

Overall: 59-22.