So after the excuses of a Rusty Griffin III in week one and short work-week before going on the road in week two… the Redskins find themselves not just 0-2, but a bad 0-2. Games kept close only because of garbage time-touchdowns. Games where the offensive gameplan was tossed by the early third quarter. Games where the defense was gashed early and often. Games where this team looks more like the one that went 3-6 than the one that went 7-0.

Tale of Two Halves II– once again the Skins dominate after intermission, outscoring the Pack 20-14. After being outgained 373-155 in the first half, the Skins win the second half battle 267-207. Not as impressive as their second half surge against the Eagles…but just as irrelevant.

Maybe the “R” stands for “recovery”– Robert Griffin III also came to life in the second half…bouncing back from a 6 for 13 start with one interception by hitting 20 of 27 passes for 213 yards and 3 touchdowns. Just like the Eagles game. RG3’s second halves: 45-65 for 489 yards, 5 touchdowns and one interception. His first halves: 11-24 for 160 yards, no TD’s and 2 INT’s.

Alfred the Limited– only 13 carries for 107 yards…including no touches in the fourth quarter. He did rip off a pair of 32 yard gains…making it feel like the “Next Generation” episode where Zack comes back at the end of some prom where they were trying to save the school. An appearance that really doesn’t change the overall outcome… as “Next Generation” was lost from the start just like yesterday’s game was.

Garcon and On– Pierre Garcon posted 8 catches for 143 yards and a touchdown… although the bulk were in garbage-time (5-75 and the TD after halftime). Bringing up the obvious: Great Fantasy does not equal Great Reality.

Third and a Half– once again the Skins are unable to convert a third down in the first half– as the offense fails to produce a point before intermission. Sunday’s numbers: 3-11…and 0-5 in the first half with Griffin completing 1 for 5 on those downs. The breakdown: 0-1 on a 3rd and short, 1-5 on 3rd and medium (4-6 yards needed) and 2-5 on 3rd and long. Play selection: 11 runs, no passes.

D earns an F– another week allowing 20+ points and surrendering 300+ yards in the first half. Ouch. Another week where a quarterback marched his team up and down the field before the break. And it easily could have been worse– the Packers fumbled in the red zone on their final first half possession…and Aaron Rodgers knelt down in the red zone on their final possession of the game. And what a final drive it was…

A March to Remember– after closing within 18 points the Skins had a chance to continue their rally with another quick stop (they had held Green Bay to 3 and outs twice in four Packer second half possessions)…only to see the Pack drive from their 13 to the Washington 12 and eat up the remaining 7:36. Seven minutes that felt like forever for the Burgundy and Gold faithful.

Safety First– Brandon Merriweather finally got on the field… but after posting 2 tackles and 2 assists, “Mr. Limited Appearances” left the game early in the second quarter with a concussion. Last year he produced 3 tackles and 4 assist plus an interception…but had a whole half of action. He’s starting to feel like that girl who’s kind of into you but always busy…making you wonder if they’re worth the tiny bits of awesomeness that make the highlight reel but can’t build around over the long-term. Will the Skins eventually have to lose his number…?

Tracking the Triumvirate II– Bacarri Rambo led the team in solo stops with 7 while adding an assist. Anytime a safety leads the team in tackles…it’s not a good thing. David Amerson added 6 stops (5 solo). And Chase Minnifield remains chomping at the bit.

Flags Flying– three fewer penalties but for three more yards than the Eagles game…the 7 for 78 saw four on Special Teams (two illegal blocks and two unnecessary roughness calls), two on offense (Will Montgomery flagged for an illegal peelback and a facemask) and one on defense (neutral zone infraction–thank you Romulans). After two weeks the 17 flags for 153 yards rank 7th most in the NFL.

Cobra Kai– A groin injury keeps Mr. Forbath on the sidelines at Lambeau Field…as John Potter misses a 40 yard attempt in the 3rd quarter. Much like Karate Kid II when Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi go to Okinawa and are confronted with a less than scary Okinawan version of Johnny Lawrence.

Past Precedence– this is the first 0-2 start for the team since 2006…a campaign that began with high hopes following a 10-6 season marked by a late season run (5 straight wins to make the playoffs). 2006 also began with a Monday Night loss at Fed Ex followed by a road drubbing. There have been six other 0-2 starts in the franchise’s “modern era” (1981-present)…: in 2001 Marty Schottenheimer’s lone year began with an 0-5 start en route to an 8-8 finish and the 1998 Skins began 0-7 under Norv Turner before finishing 6-10. Three teams from Joe Gibbs’ first tenure began 0-2: the 1989 team finished 10-6 but missed the playoffs, the 1984 team also started 0-2 but won the NFC East at 11-5, and the 1981 team bounced back from an 0-5 start to finish 8-8…setting the stage for the following season’s Super Bowl run.

Time Zone Troubles– once again a west coast team plays at 1… and sluggishly staggers to victory as San Diego defeats Philadelphia 33-30. More late morning fun for Charger fans– they visit Tennessee at 10am Pacific Time in week three.

Dissecting the Division– after an 0-4 week everything stays the same… with Philadelphia (1-1), Dallas (1-1), the NY Giants (0-2) and the Skins (0-2) in the same order as last week. Although the Burgundy and Gold are in last not because of points differential but because of conference record.