All good things must come to an end…although one wishes the thud that the Redskins’ season wrapped up with wouldn’t be as abrupt.  Or have such a nasty fallout.  On the bright side, Year I in the RGIII era ends in the postseason…but the half-full burgundy and gold glass now has a leak that involves an offseason rehabilitation.  So much for a simple resolution to the 2012 campaign– buckle down for a whole offseason of Kneewatch.

The Obvious– Robert Griffin III’s knee injury (or re-injury, if you will) splits the game into two segments:  the first two drives (129 yards on 20 plays) and the post-injury portion (74 yards on 34 plays).  A running game that began with a bang (11 carries for 61 yards) and went out with a whimper (43 yards on 12 carries).  More importantly, a future that was bright to one that isn’t necessary bleak but there are definitely question marks.  One major question is should an injured RG3 been left in the game after the second drive and a 14-0 lead…should he have been lifted after two second quarter drives netted 11 yards on 5 plays and included an interception…or should he been lifted after an 11 play 27 yard third quarter?

RG3ver–  first two drives: 6-9=68 yards and 2 TD’s.  Rest of the game:  4-10=16 yards…an interception and a fumble.  After reconstructive surgery on his ACL and LCL #10 begins the long road of rehabilitation.  One wonders if he’ll lose a step or be less aggressive when he comes back.  One wonders when he’ll actually be able to play again– one hears everything from 6-8 months to 8-10 months.

Mr. Morris– from a 7 carry, 49 yard first quarter to 9-31 thereafter.  Is this the “Buddy Band” episode?  The “Hitting on a Homeless Girl” arc?  Or maybe it’s the College Years pursuit of Leslie (well played by Anne Tremko) that began with a fervor but then evaporated when the Zac-Kelly combo was forced upon Bell viewers one more time.  Did they not run enough when ahead double digits?  Of the nine first down plays from the second TD until they lost the lead, the Skins ran five times (gaining 26 yards) while passing four times (getting one first down via penalty while getting sacked once, tossing one incompletion and completing another pass for no gain).

Garcon and On– Pierre led the team in receiving with 4 catches for 50 yards… and one was looking forward to Garcon and Griffin working together this offseason to become even more dangerous.

Third and Two Worlds– first two drives: 4-4 with two touchdowns.  Final three quarters: 1-7.  But one overriding theme:  all passes.  Even on 3rd and 1. Yardage breakdown:  2-3 on third and short (1-3 yards needed)…3-3 on third and medium (4-6)…0-5 on third and long (7+).

D Holds…then Folds– one couldn’t ask for a better start (a three and out)… but up 14-0 the Skins couldn’t contain the Seahawks-allowing three scores on Seattle’s final three possessions of the first half.  Then a drive inside the five that mercifully ended with a fumble recovery.  Unfortunately they couldn’t contain Marshawn Lynch (132 yards on 20 carries) as the Seahawks notched 150 of their 224 yards rushing after intermission.

London Records…and Safety First– another standout day for the veteran Fletcher:  15 tackles.  Reed Doughty shined with 12 stops and two sacks.  Two players with not all the “upside”– but a pair that produce when needed.

Cobra Kai–  remember Karate Kid II?  When the parking lot scuffle seemed to set up more shenanigans between Mr. Miyagi and John Creese– with Billy Zabka potentially playing a transformative role from bully to Daniel Larusso sidekick?  And Elisabeth Shue shines again as Ali with an I?  Yeah, who didn’t like the departure to Okinawa.  Kai Forbath’s trusty leg never came into play because after the first two drives… the Skins never again reached midfield.  No mercy, indeed.