Seven straight? A division title for the first time in 13 years? The hottest team in the NFC? The bye week seems like a lifetime ago– and what was once a team seemingly on its way to a fifth straight last place finish is a Burgundy and Gold runaway train that emerges in the new year as the sexy pick to make a postseason run.

RG3ver– well, he wasn’t going to be perfect forever. Only 100 yards passing while completing 9 of 18 attempts? That’s what was feared in September– not on the night where the Skins’ playoff hopes hang in the balance. But Griffin added 63 yards with his feet-one carry for the go-ahead score-and didn’t lose the game with any ill-timed interceptions.  That would be Tony Romo’s contribution to the evening.

Saved by Mr. Morris– on the biggest night of the season #46 responded like the time his Saturday morning counterpart helped deliver Mrs. Belding’s baby in an elevator. A a 33 carry, 200 yard and three touchdown performance that sent the rookie over 1,600 yards for the season…ranking him behind Eric Dickerson(1983) and George Rogers(1981).

Garcon got it goin’ on– the Skins #1 wide receiver notched 3 catches for 46 yards, including a key catch on 3rd and 1 in the fourth quarter.  A solid finish to a fine first season where we saw flashes of greatness one can only imagine over a healthy 16 game slate.

Third Down and Up– the Skins converted 5 of 11 third downs…with Robert Griffin III completing 3 of 7 passes on 30 yards while scrambling for 9 yard gain on 3rd and 4  (a sack ended one drive while a roughing the passer penalty kept another alive).  Down Breakdown:  1 for 3 on 3rd & 1-3…while 1-2 on 3rd & 4-6…and 3-5 on 3rd  &  7+.

D earns an A– three interceptions help the much-maligned defense hold the Cowboys in check.  London Fletcher led the way with 11 tackles and two sacks.

Cobra Kai Snakebitten– the rookie kicker missed his for the first time all season…ending his magical campaign at 17-for-18.  No word on if his high school girlfriend Ali has taken up with former Brooklyn resident Daniel Larusso.  Sweep the Leg…

Dissecting the Division– The Skins win assures them of their first division title since 1999… and the New York Giants win gives them second place although they missed the playoffs thanks to their late-season swoon.  Dallas finishes out of the playoffs at 8-8 while Philadelphia takes last place at 4-12.