Hope can be a dangerous mistress… it can keep you afloat in times of trouble, or keep you around much longer than you should be in some cases.  The Redskins two game winning streak should mean nothing– smackdowns of one team that’s quit (Philly) and another that’s an absolute mess (Dallas).  But Sunday the Skins saw four teams that they are competing with for the final playoff spot in the NFC slide back their way:  Seattle, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and New Orleans all dropped winnable games… putting the Skins one game back in the wildcard while owning tiebreakers with everybody.  Can this team win four or five of their remaining games to sneak into the postseason?  Stranger things have happened…as 2005 and ’07 aren’t too far in the past.  But with a game and franchise-changing player at the controls, you could make the case that this team is better suited to make an improbable late-season run.

RG3ver– Another huge game by the rookie… although not a perfect rating day, #10 still threw for 311 yards and four touchdowns.  And unlike early in the season, he’s using the deep ball to his advantage:  three TD passes were by 29 yards or more.

Pierre plays, or Since you’re Garcon– a few days after notching 3 catches for 5 yards, Mr. Garcon tallied 5 grabs for 93 yards and a score (a 59 yarder that seemingly put the exclamation point on a second quarter that still had a fumble recovery followed by a quick TD.  When #88 is a beast… everybody else is that much more open.

Mr. Morris– Alfred would have made Zack proud, rushing for 113 yards on 24 carries and scoring a touchdown… like during the Hawaiian episodes where Zack and Mr. Belding helped save Kelly’s grandparents resort from going to the evil people.  And now the rookie only needs 18 yards to reach the 1000 yard mark.

I Second That– the game turned on a dime midway through the first half… as the Skins reached the end zone on every possession…:  outgaining the Cowboys 226 to 63 yards.  Even Kenny Chesney couldn’t rouse the Cowboy fans at halftime.

D earns a passing but not a pass rushing grade– okay, so they coughed up 334 yards and 28 points after halftime.  So they allowed scores on Dallas’ last four possessions of the game.  They still generated two interceptions and a fumble recovery– two of those turnovers leading to second quarter TD’s.  Despite handcuffing the Cowboys’ ground game (35 yards on 11 carries) they were only able to sack Tony Romo twice… and he threw the ball 62 times.

Third and Awesome– I know 50% is break-even… but when you’ve had as much trouble moving the chains this year as the Skins, I will take what I can get.  The Burgundy and Gold converted 6 of 12 third downs…with Robert Griffin III completing 8 of 12 passes (really?  No Morris runs?).  Breakdown:  4-4 on third and 1-3… 2-3 on third and 4-6… 0-5 on third and 7+ yards needed.

He should be called FFGorbath– the Skins kicker notched a huge 48 yard make with 2:58 remaining that turned the all of a sudden nailbiter game into a two possession contest.  Remember the New Orleans game a few years ago lost in overtime but not won when the Skins missed a late FG? A nice reversal of fortunes.

Dissecting the Division– the Giants rout of Green Bay places NY in first place with the fourth seed coming their way (same starting spot as last January).  The Skins’ win puts them ahead of Dallas (owning the head to head tiebreaker) while Philadelphia has a two game cushion in the cellar.  There will be a celebration when the Skins’ four year reign as last in the NFC East ends.

Wildcard Shuffle– with Green Bay owning the first spot at 7-4… three teams are tied at 6-5:  Seattle, Tampa Bay and Minnesota.  The Skins have beaten two of those three and own a better conference record than the Seahawks.  In the 5-6 mix?  Dallas and New Orleans– and the Skins own tiebreakers over both.  Hanging on the precipice?  St. Louis at 4-6-1…although by going 1-1-1 they’re heating up relative to the rest of their season.

Divisional Duels– the NFC North has the lead at 25-19 with the AFC North and NFC South both one game back.  Meanwhile the AFC West is a wasteland (at 16-28 they’re already four games out in last).