The change of stage almost always means needing to recast the play.  Longstanding TV shows like M*A*S*H and Cheers had to recast major roles on more than one occasion and came up huge more often than not, from Sherman Potter for Henry Blake to Woody Boyd for Coach.  Beverly Hills 90210 recast in the fast food manner:  subbing bad boy rich guy Noah for bad boy rich guy Dylan while bringing on trampy Gina Cincaid for slutty Vallerie.  One aspect not dealt with is during Maryland’s move to the Big Ten is how easy the new league will fill the Terps’ requirements for various nemeses.  Each school in the Terps’ future league matches up with an opponent they’ve been facing regularly for 8 to 59 years, with a few variations.

Duke=Indiana.  Forgettable football with a fan base that always points to the banners hanging in their eccentric building.

North Carolina=Michigan.  Strong public university with plenty of league titles but fewer national championships than you would think.

NC State=Michigan State. Looked down upon by the blueblood school in their own state, this kid brother can win and often does to the dismay of their “betters”.

Virginia=Penn State.  Neighboring state schools that kind of look down on College Park for whatever reason (Thomas Jefferson founded them…Terps are 1-35-1 against them).

Virginia Tech=Wisconsin.  Solid football programs to anybody under 50… with basketball that’s not always easy to digest.

Wake Forest=Northwestern.  Private schools in a sea of public school sharks.

Clemson=Iowa.  Remote locales that are never easy to get to…with football that feels like it should be better and basketball that can’t turn the corner.

Georgia Tech=Purdue.  Always hitting the blueblood ceiling…and I think you have to do well in math to go there.

Miami=Nebraska.  Football heavy, hoop light.

Boston College=Minnesota.  Coldest corner of the conference.

Syracuse=Illinois.  Orange and blue colors.  Jim Brown and Dick Butkus.  But Boeheim has outlasted Henson, Kruger, Self and Weber.

Pitt=Rutgers.  Both football teams went unbeaten in 1976.  Both hate Penn State.