Sometimes it takes an incredible effort to end a continued run…no matter where that run might be.  Case in point:  the Redskins are roughly as bad overall as they’ve been the last four years where they’ve finished last in the NFC East.  But the Philadelphia Eagles are so much worse– the Skins will have their hands full in trying to catch the Eagles sprint for the cellar.  It’s not impossible– but the way the Eagles have played during their six game losing streak leads one to believe the burgundy and gold may be wearing a bronze NFC East medal come January (despite their deficiencies).  Sunday’s 31-6 rout of the Eagles showcased a team that appeared to be down for the count– and it wasn’t the Redskins.

RG3ver– the rookie reached perfection Sunday– completing 14 of 15 passes for 200 yards and 4 touchdowns… resulting in a “perfect” rating of 158.3.  What bothers me about the passer rating is when broadcasters remark “I have no idea how they figure that out”– it’s rather simple.  Do you complete passes?  Do you complete passes downfield? Do you throw touchdowns?  Do you throw interceptions?  I could calculate it as a 15 year old (there was a letter to the editor in Sports Illustrated that covered the percentages).

Playing Deep– what was nice about Griffin’s day was he tossed two back breaking TD’s…from 49 and 61 yards out.  Nice to see the Skins try to stretch the field vertically.

Mr. Morris– Alfred didn’t help Screech win a Chess Tournament or hit on a homeless girl at the mall… perhaps the rookie’s 20 carries for 76 yards and recovering his own fumble is more reminiscent of when Zac and Mickey liked the same girl during the Our Miss Bliss Season:  a decent showing that builds up his overall numbers.

Pierre Plays, and Merriweather Misery– Monsieur Garcon is back on the field for the first time since October 7th and catches three passes for a total of five yards.  But at least he’s coming back next week.  Brandon Merriweather, meanwhile, takes the one-and-done award.  The safety notched an interception in his first and last game of the season… as a knee injury claims another victim.  Do we call him the George Lazenby of free agent defensive backs?*

Third Down Breakdown– the Skins converted 5 of 11 third down opportunities… and Robert Griffin III had a hand in all five conversions…including a 61 yard strike to Santana Moss that all but ended the game in the third quarter.  Looking further, one has to be concerned with the lack of success on 1st & 2nd downs… the Skins faced two 3rd and 1-3, 1 3rd and 4-6… and 8 3rd and 7+ (moving the chains four of eight times) .

Defense Does Damage– the 29th ranked unit holds the Eagles to a pair of field goals while sacking Nick Foles four times…intercepting the rookie twice and recovering a fumble.  The Skins tallied 10 points off turnovers.

Kai is kicking competently– the Skins newest kicker made the most of his lone attempt– drilling a 25-yarder at the end of the first half.  That makes Mr. Forbath 9 for 9 to start his career.

Flying Flags– 13 penalties for 80 yards can definitely impair a team’s ability to win…and fortunately for the Skins the Eagles were executing at such a miserable level the penalties didn’t come back to haunt them.  This time.

Dissecting the Division– the idle NY Giants remain atop the NFC East (#4 seed) with Dallas one step behind at 5-5 and 9th in the conference (Cowboys own the tiebreaker with New Orleans).  The Redskins own 3rd place at 4-6… while Philadelphia’s in last with the 15th best record in the NFC.

Up North– both the NFC and the AFC North’s have the best records in their conference:  the NFC North continues to separate itself from the slumping West (on a 5-13-2 run).  Meanwhile the AFC West builds up a three game lead…and while Denver looks to be a Super Bowl contender the rest of the division is dreadful.  Meanwhile the NFC inches closer to 33 1/2…now leading the AFC 27-17.

*If you were going to appear as 007 in only one movie, I would have to put OHMSS there.  Lazenby wasn’t a bad actor…he just wasn’t Connery.  But then again neither was anyone else.