The Burgundy and Gold entered divisional play with a thrilling 27-23 loss at the defending Super Bowl champions’ field.  Unfortunately the inability to cover Victor Cruz has consequences…as does turning the ball over repeatedly in the second half.  Plus, there’s even a little injury added to the insult…and a comeback for Captain Chaos.

RG3ver– the rookie threw for 258 yards and two touchdowns… while tossing an interception and losing a fumble.  Nice moxie against the divisional bully… as we are beginning to run out of superlatives.

Alfred the Great– #46 enjoyed another stellar afternoon… rumbling for 120 yards on 22 carries.  Although he did lose a fumble, the other Redskins rookie is piecing together one solid season (averaging 87 yards a game on the ground).

The Bakery is Open– after turning the ball over four times in six weeks… the turnovers were flying out of the oven in the second half– three fumbles and an interception.  Ouch…

Triumvirate Hex?– Fred Davis was on his way to repeating 2011’s breakout campaign when the tight end tore his Achilles… abruptly ending his season after 24 catches and 325 yards (but no touchdowns).  With Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas both out of the league– perhaps the 2008 second round trio has a curse hanging over it.

Keeping  Cool with Cooley– with the team’s leading receiver out for the year, the Skins dialed up their past by inking Chris Cooley.  Following the rush of excitement surrounding #47’s return to Redskins Park, the fact that the 30 year old was released in August may start to sink in around the beltway.  After notching a career high 83 catches in 2008, Cooley missed 20 of 48 games over the next three seasons… tallying 8 receptions over 5 games last year.  Much like the 007 fans first excited by the return of Sean Connery for “Diamonds are Forever”– and then realizing he’d gained 20 pounds since “You Only Live Twice” ( a movie he was out of shape for)*.  I’m not saying Cooley is out of shape, but he’s not the player he was 4 years or even 2 years ago.

Third and Lukewarm– the Skins converted 6 of 13 third downs… beginning with a bang (4 of 5 to start) and winding up with a whimper (misfiring all 4 fourth quarter attempts).  What’s nice is that the team was in more third and short (4 of 5 on 3rd and 1-3) situations as opposed to third and long (1-4 on 3rd and 7+).  Leonard Hankerson was the surprisingly popular target (3 receptions and 1 conversion).

Grading the D?…Sounds about right– the 32nd ranked pass defense gave fans a mixed bag:  was it the unit that intercepted Eli Manning twice in the second half or the one that coughed up three straight double digit play drives for points in the first half?  The pass rush notched just one sack and the D allowed the Giants to convert 8 of 12 third downs.

Kerrigan Contained– when Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker went down to season-ending injuries… many wondered when teams would figure out a way to isolate Ryan Kerrigan.  The second year player notched just one tackle against the Giants–and with London Fletcher banged up with a leg injury, the team can ill afford to have another game where #91 is limited.

What Kicking Controversy?– Kai in week two with the team goes 3-3 on field goal attempts… with both extra points converted.  Pinch me… I’m dreaming.

Dissecting the Division– the Giants have a game and a half lead and would own the #3 seed in the NFC.  Philadelphia is in second place because of a better record than Dallas in common games… and the four-time defending cellar dwelling Skins have a half game lead for last.

North Star… and a waste in the West– the NFC North creeps past the West for the best division (16-10 to 16-12)… while the AFC West continues to drop (9-15).  The interconference contest?  A landslide looking 19-9 in favor of the NFC…with no division in the AFC owning a winning record.

*Diamonds suffered not only because Connery was past his Bond prime– but a script that played for more laughs and a foppish Blofeld with hair turned the movie from a potential revenge filled film to a lark.