Nothing happens easily for the Skins, right?  A 21-3 lead easily evaporates in the Gulf Coast air as Burgundy and Gold Nation grit their teeth yet again.  One quarter of the season usually provides a better idea of what sort of season we’re going to have as opposed to a one game snapshot.  The good news about this team is that they hit with their franchise quarterback selection:  RG3 will keep them in games they otherwise wouldn’t be competitive.  The bad news about this team is the defense will keep the other team in games they otherwise wouldn’t be competitive.

RG3ver– the rookie passed for 325 yards while running for a touchdown.  He spread the ball around as nine receivers caught passes.  Most importantly, he didn’t throw an interception.  That’s one pick over four games… or four less than Tony Romo had Monday night.

Runningback Roulette Redux– the committee has adjourned.  Alfred Morris notched 113 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries- delighting those who made late morning fantasy pickups in week one and haunting those who were printing up the “3 R’s” T-shirts:  “Roy Helu, Evan Royser & Tim HightoweR“.

Third  and Forever–  the Skins went 2 for 11 in moving the chains… and faced 3rd & 7+ ten times.  A roughing the passer penalty saved one drive… a double lateral before passing saved another… and a third possession was prolonged thanks to a penalty on 4th & 1.  Miracles are much easier on 3rd and short.

He’s Baaack–  Pierre Garcon’s return to the lineup resulted in one 20 yard reception… but the wide receiver’s nose for the football meant he was in the right spot when Robert Griffin III fumbled into the endzone.  Garcon didn’t even need to channel Dave Casper-simply falling on the ball for the first touchdown of the day.

Tale of Two Halves, or the D earns a C–  from allowing 6 points before intermission to 3 scores in the Bucs last four drives… it was another adventure.  A total of 243 yards coughed up in the second half to a team that’s been held to 10 points twice this fall.  Brandon Merriweather needs to get healthy pronto…

Bumps and Bruises– only the Redskins would lose two players to injury–DURING PREGAME WARMUPS.  An “odd pregame collision” between safety Brandon Merriweather and Aldrick Robinson.  Smacks like “bizarre gardening accident” from Spinal Tap.  But once again a necessary piece to the defensive puzzle was kept in the box and not on the field.  Some players just have trouble getting and staying healthy– and it looks like Merriweather may be that miss by the front office.

Kerrigan Comes Through– the outside linebacker notched a sack and two tackles for loss in his second game without Brian Orakpo… exactly what the defense needs if it’s going to get better.  Some people say he’s glasses away from a Clark Kent costume… but I think he’s unwashed hair away from being a James Bond henchman.  You know, the big silent guy who doesn’t say anything, breaks stuff with his hands and usually dies in a classic fight with  007 as the film winds down.*

Kicking Conundrum–  Billy Cundiff saved his place on the team plane with a last-second make of 41 yards… after missing 31, 41 and 57 yarders that would have made the final drive moot.  So far this year the ex-Raven is 6 for 10… quickly approaching Graham Gano’s 10 miss mark of 2011.  Cooler heads say that the Buccaneers special teams are a little friskier on field goal attempts, and that this is an abberation.  Cooler heads are not the majority party in Landover on Sundays in autumn.

Dissecting the Division– four weeks into the season Philadelphia has squeaked its way to a 3-1 mark and first place in the NFC East.  Would Eagle fans rather have their team look semi-awful while winning close games or looking really good like last year when they stumbled in close contests?  Dallas after its debacle on Monday night owns the division tiebreakers so the Cowboys take second place.  The Skins move up one spot to third because they have a marginally better division record than the last place Giants (0-0 to 0-2).

West is Best, and the pendulum swings– two seasons after being the first division to have a champion with a losing record, the NFC West is off to an 11-5 start.  Meanwhile, two other NFC Divisions (East and North) are 9-7… while the South sinks under the weight of New Orleans (the Saints 0-4 stumble the difference between 6-6 and 6-10).  None of the AFC Divisions have composite winning records.  Shades of the early 90’s when the AFC was massively inferior.  Does that mean the Spin Doctors will become cool again?


*Bond Villain Henchmen Evolution– Dr. No gave us a femme fatale in Miss Taro… since copied but never better than Fiona Volpe in Thunderball.  From Russia with Love gave us the silent thug in Red Grant… since mimeographed  but never better than Oddjob in Goldfinger.  Sadly, we’ve had to sit through Tatoo from Fantasy Island and Grace Jones over the years.