Okay…so they weren’t going 16-0.  One had to expect there would be minor detour on the incredible journey also known as Robert Griffin III’s rookie season… but  losing the way they did to a recent nemesis turns Burgundy and Gold glasses from half-full to half-empty.

RG3ver– Griffin didn’t post a 100+ passer rating, but still played well… hitting 20 of 29 passes fro 206 yards and a touchdown while running for 82 yards and two more scores.  Dynamic plays (the 68 yard strike to Hankerson) have been the rule and not the exception for the Baylor grad.  Even the interception late in the first half that eliminated a potential double digit cushion can be waved off.  Now let’s see how #10 responds coming out of a tough loss.

Morgan’s Magic and Miscue– with Pierre Garcon out for the game with a foot injury,  Josh Morgan stepped up and caught 5 passes for 50 yards to pace the team and caught three 3rd down passes.  Unfortunately after the last reception he whistled for a personal foul penalty because he threw the ball at Courtland Finnegan (unfortunately the “I was spiking the ball in celebration mode” landed on deaf ears when it was revealed the 7 yard catch on 3rd & 8 did not move the chains).  Numerous requests for the veteran to be cut on the flight home percolated in and around the beltway.  Massive mea culpas from the player followed… and hopefull his temper as well as the fans ire will simmer down.  With Garcon on the shelf, they need him.  They don’t need 47 yard field goal attempts to be moved back to 62 yarders.

Replacing the Replacements– week two of the regular season saw more than a few issues regarding the replacement officials.  Play was chippy.  Calls were mangled.  And players and coaches tried to bite their tongues while being asked about the scab officials.  Can we at least have their uniforms feature diagonal stripes?

Dual Defensive Dings– Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker are gone for the season… and that spells bad news  for a defense that spring a few leaks (452 yards allowed) against the Rams.  St Louis punted just once in the first three quarters…  and minus their best pass rusher and a starter on the defensive line the much maligned secondary could be in for a long fall.

Who?  Really?  Over 50% of the Rams completions and yards through the air went to Danny Amendola(?)… 15 for 160 with a TD to boot.  The Texas Tech product did post 85 catches two weeks ago… but wow.

London Calling– Mr. Fletcher notched an interception and forced a fumble… showing once again that age is merely a number.  Until he reaches the number on his jersey.

Third and ugh– the Redskins converted 4 of 13 third downs… while penalties kept two other drives alive.  Again, the team found itself in more than a few third and longs (6 of 3rd & 9 or more).

Dissecting the Division– Philadelphia’s posted two one-point victories… and that 2-0 is good for first place of the NFC Eeast.  Dallas (1-1) is technically in second because of it’s division win over the Giants in week one.  The Redskins bring up third because they still have a better division record than the Giants.

Punting Problems– two blocked punts in two weeks is not how Sav Rocca wanted to begin the season… but the issue regarding the kicking game continues (I refuse to call them special teams until they perfrom in that manner).  Some have talked about the job status of Special Teams Coach Danny Smith– and while performance of the unit should be reviewed in the offseason… talking about jettisoning an assistant coach three weeks into the season is something akin to SPECTRE offing one of its underlings.*

Divisional Dominance– the NFC West is the hot quartet… out of the gate at 6-2.  San Francisco provided the most impressive win in week one (at Green Bay) while Arizona posted the most improbable victory this past weekend.  Meanwhile the AFC South is 2-6 with rebuilding (Indianapolis and Tennessee) and wandering (Jacksonville) the staple.

*In anticipation of the newest James Bond film Skyfall released…  the Perspective will fire up a 007 reference each week.  Yes, even Roger Moore (as much as it pains me).