It’s August.  The NFL’s Silly Season.  Time to work out the kinks in the clicker and play your starting batteries a few series.  Figure out which chips and dips will make the final roster– and if one needs to rebuild the couch before the games get real.

Preseason expectations have everybody figuring out how their team can win 10 games and make the playoffs.  And the NFL’s topsy-turvy world actually gives credence to such belief.  We’ve seen San Francisco go from hopeless to one kick away from the Super Bowl– so why not our team?

The Redskins began preseason play with a 7-6 win at Buffalo… one where Robert Griffin III threw a touchdown pass to the other big offseason fish Pierre Garcon.  One couldn’t ask for a better brief sample of the new offense… albeit against a vanilla defense.  Griffin’s 4-6, 70 yard performance was encouraging– but hardly a definitive measuring of how good or bad the rookie will be this fall.  What is encouraging is his ability to find Garcon (3 catches for 58 yards and the score).  And that he was much better than Rex Grossman (2-10, 22 yards).

But what are we going to take from this week?  An already banged up offensive line stayed healthy and didn’t allow a sack.  The Roy & Royster rotation at RB looked serviceable (11-38).  The defense posted 4 sacks while holding the Bills to 41% passing (before we get TOO excited remember the Skins completed just 39% of their attempts).

August is all about attitude.  A sharp approach to the preseason often results in a focused team once Labor Day arrives… while a lackadaisical approach is often the beginning of a long fall in more ways than one (2006 comes to mind).  Enjoy the Silly Season while it lasts.